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For a number of years we have been shipping a small number of what we called "Universal" lab-style power supply ( model U-40), with digital meters and a handsome enclosure. It operated all of the HeNe lasers, from the very smallest, at 3 1/2" long, to some of the largest, at 4,000V "run" voltage. It did all this with just a turn of the current pot. This unit is UNRIVALLED in the industry.


  • NOW, Model U-50 is the newest power supply:
    We've improved this unit with stronger output (up to 5,000 "run" volts and up to 12 mA). It has also been given SELF-SELECTING INPUT. It just plugs into any power worldwide. It senses the line voltage and automatically selects the correct input to the module.
















  •  Model R-G: Voltex has made this technology available in module form. It operates the whole range of HeNe's up to 4000 V and 10 mA. It is a potted module, dimensions 1.2" X 3.3" X 4.25". (30.5 X 84 X 108) with flying leads.


  • Model DJR: Voltex has adapted this conversion topology to our standard, smaller AC input supplies. These units will have a very much wider range of output than anything now available in the world in its class, and will set a new standard for  reliability. The first will be of dimensions 1" X 1.5" X 6", a standard "form and fit"around the world.


  • Model A-14-XX: Some time back, we re-designed this unit to make use of recent technology, such as surface mount. This unit now has very tight current regulation, full start voltage regulation, more start voltage, and less output current ripple (noise). Output current is now kept within +/- 1% through the ranges of line and load.  Start voltage is now typically 8 KV and output ripple is now about 3.5% RMS, or about 10% Peak-to-peak in the standard version.


Over the past 25 plus years, Voltex has made and shipped many thousands of our "A" model, a 1.3 cubic inch (21 CC) cylindrical power supply to operate the smaller, 1/2 and 1 mW lasers from a DC input, such as from batteries. It is 7/8" dia. (22 mm) X 2 - 1/8" L (54 mm)



Voltex is offering a VERY LOW NOISE VERSION OF THIS MODEL with output ripple LESS THAN .1% P-P. That's right, less than 1 part in 1000 P-P.   


These new developments all meet or exceed applicable UL, CSA and TUV standards, as well as CE requirements.



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